Selkirk MTB Enduro

May 6, 2018 10:00 am

MTB Enduro as you’ve never seen it before…..!

OK, we’re not competing to be the gnarliest, raddest and baddest Enduro out there. Plenty of others are after that crown. But if you fancy sweet, rideable, flowing trails to test yourself on, step right up. Selkirk Enduro is the sweet spot between old-skool Marathon and super-gnarr Enduro. All the fun, all the adventure, all the challenge. What’s not to like – everything that’s good about MTB in one easy hit 🙂

The ORBEA Selkirk MTB Enduro – is a subtle combination of Enduro timed special stages (eyeballs out against your mates and the clock, if that’s your bag, baby), and a great days’ riding in the hills and forests of this spectacular corner of the country.

If you’re Enduro-curious (always fancied a go, but a bit put off by the gnaar), or an Enduro-dude up for some great riding (and a bit of pedalling – no moaning now!), this is the race for you.

There will be several great timed Special Stages – all descents, and most hand-built specifically for this event. Ride like the wind and test yourself against the clock!. Your times from those Special Stages will give you an aggregate time result – a simple total.


You’ll need to keep moving, albeit at a pretty social pace with your mates.

We’ll set a target time for the whole course – 4:30hrs, which was pretty much the average time for the 50km course in previous years.

The clock will only start ticking once you begin the first Special Stage, so everyone will get the full 4:30hrs allowance, and you can afford to take your time up the first hill and let the Marathon whippets get away!.

Several of the Special Stages are ‘Enduro-only’ (e.g. the amazing ‘Bodybag’, hand-made for the 2017 event) and different to the Marathon, and the first stage comes after a big climb, so no queues…. We’re planning and again building some new stuff for 2018.

A fantastic mix of natural singletrack, twin-track forest roads, ancient drove roads, hand-made singletrack, and trail centre. You’ll visit the valleys of the Rivers Tweed, Yarrow and Ettrick, and of course, the high points in between. So, expect lung and thigh busting climbs that are rewarded with epic grin-inducing descents.

Starting at 10am, you’re on a 50km (approx) course with the following Special Stages;

SS1 – Black Andrew and Comedy Grass Slope
SS2 – Bodybag
SS3 – Edge of the World + Buzzards Lair
SS4 – TBC – Under COnstruction

We built SS1 for the 2016 event, SS2 for the 2017 event, and we plan to build more for 2018.

Course descriptions and gradings (2015/16 courses) can be found here.

Draft Course Map for 2018 – Coming Soon….

IMPORTANT: the 4:30hrs is not a ‘hard’ cut off. You won’t be pulled off the course and unceremoniously/shamefully dumped in the sweep wagon (even if we had such a thing!). Instead, it’s just a target time for the completion of the course – we think most people should achieve this if they keep bowling along, which is the intention.

For every 5 minutes over the 4:30hrs target time you are we add 5 seconds to your aggregate Special Stages time!. So, dawdle too long on the way to the Special Stages, and you risk adding crucial seconds to your overall aggregate time. Ride too fast and you might be sub-optimal on Stages 1 – 3. Oooh! – tactical decisions!.

Note: the Enduro course is almost the same as the 50km Marathon course, it just has the parallel special stages, and additional timing points along the course.

Our end of the Tweed Valley is relatively unknown, but has some incredible riding, including some classic descents.

Selkirk Enduro
Entry: ÂŁ45

Online entries close at midnight on 1st May. Entry on the Day available (ÂŁTBC) until race numbers/timing chips run out.

* plus Entry Central Fees.

Event Detail

May 6, 2018 10:00 am
Selkirk Rugby Club


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