24th July - 25th July 2021

Seeing sunrise on your bike? Priceless!. Even better if you’re riding with your pals on an awesome course comprising all of the famous Scottish 7 Stanes MTB centres in one hit, plus some of the best road riding Scotland has to offer, all the time chasing a spicy 24-hour completion limit.

Interested? Read on….

Here’s the big idea: as a Relay Team, you and your mates (or just you – taking this on as a Solo is an option) ride the Red (or equivalent) trails at each of the 7 Stanes centres, plus the amazing road sections that join them up.

We’re starting at Glentrool on Saturday 24th July (10am – tbc) and then linking Kirroughtree, Dalbeattie, Mabie, Ae, Newcastleton and finally Glentress. You can change riders and bikes wherever you want, assuming it’s safe, and you’ll be self-supporting your own team.

That’s a total of around 150km of off-road + MTB action, and approx. 290km of road-riding.

You’ve got 24 hours to take on and complete this monster and the clock will not stop through the night – make sure you bring your lights!

If the Covids are still around by the time of the event: trust us, we’ll keep you safe, put the right measures in place, and generally do the right thing. We’re not in the business of risking harming you, our Race Crew or our hosts. Until further notice (i.e. an update on our website) we have some special refund & transfer T&C polices in place – CLICK HERE


Entry can be made in a range of team sizes.

Solo (With support Driver)




There is also an E-Bike option for each category. If one or more of your team want to take part using E-bikes (road or MTB), no problem! – we just want to see lots of people getting involved and having fun. However, any teams using one or more E-bikes will be listed separately in the event results. Please let us know when you enter the event if you will be using any E-bikes.


You will effectively be self-supported on the course. Whichever category you enter you will need one support vehicle (no more than that please) to carry your team-mates who are not riding at that point, your bikes and your food & drink. Your vehicle will also need to bring the team to the finish line (if you have not already reached it) once the 24-hour limit has been reached.

A Greener 24seven!

T-shirts: some of you love them and some of you don’t. If you’re the latter, we’ll now give you the option to donate the cost of your event tee to our designated charity, the John Muir Trust. You can make this selection when you sign up via Entry Central by choosing No T-Shirt. Your entry cost will remain the same and we’ll donate the equivalent value to John Muir Trust.

The mountain bike sections will be the red routes or equivalent at each of the 7 Stanes Mountain biking centres, the course markings will be the onsite markings detailing the red routes and will not be marked with any other event signage.

A GPX of the road sections will be provided prior to the event, you must use the designated route which will also be detailed in the race briefing notes sent out to you approximately 2 weeks prior to the event date.

We will provide each team with 2 GPS trackers one should be kept in the support vehicle, the other is to be transferred between riders.  Make sure you pass it on or your route will show as incomplete and you will be a DNF in the results!.

The Event Cut Off Time is 24 hours from the start time.  If you have not reached the finish line then you must collect your current rider and head to Glentress to hand in your timing Chip and officially leave the event.

We need you to check in at the finish line to ensure everyone is accounted for, please don’t just head home, this will trigger a search and rescue mission!

Not making it to the Finish doesn’t mean DQ though. The way we will rank results is (a) by time at the Finish for those who complete the whole course, and then (b) in order of distance covered when the clock stops – we’ll take a snapshot of the GPS locations and use that.

The athletes briefing will be posted here approximately 2 weeks prior to the event.  It will be full of information such as cut off times and course details etc which should answer any questions you may have.

We will publish the full rules here, and will include them in the briefing we send to you. We’ll try to keep them to a minimum but they will include stuff like: obey the rules of the road, no drafting, no pacing (i.e. your support vehicle cannot accompany your active rider – they must ‘leapfrog’ safely up the road and wait in suitable places), no moving hand-ups, your GPS tracker must get transferred between your active riders and changeover. That kind of thing. Oh, and obviously, Rule #1 will apply 🙂


Below are overview maps of the course for each of the road sections.

The off road sections will be on either the red or black routes at each of the 7 Stanes, check the overview Document for details of which arrows to follow. Maps of the off road sections can be found at Forestry Scotland/7Stanes

24seven Overview – Glentrool to Dumfries
24seven Overview – Dumfries to Hawick
24seven Overview – Hawick to Glentress

GPX for Glentrool-Kirroughtree Glentrool to Kirroughtree Clockwise

GPX for all Road Sections 24seven Road Bike Sections

Overview Document: 24Seven Event Overview Doc 2021

24/7 Solo
Entry: £80/£100*

24/7 Pair
Entry: £150/£180*

24/7 Trio
Entry: £200/£240*

24/7 Quad
Entry: £250/£300*

Early Bird Discounts Available until 31st January 2021.

* plus Entry Central Fees.

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24th July - 25th July 2021


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