Craggy Island Triathlon

Date TBC

Due to circumstances outwith our control, The Craggy Island Triathlon will not be running in 2019, we hope to bring the event back in 2020


Unique in the UK and probably the World, the Craggy Island Triathlon will have you swimming across the sound from the mainland to an island to start your race. How cool is that?

The island in this case is the rugged spectacular and completely unspoilt Isle of Kerrera, just off the West coast of Scotland near the busy town and harbour of Oban.

The race is entirely off-road (there are no roads on the island, so there’s not much choice about that!), and will take you from sea level to the highest point of the island with spectacular views across the Firth of Lorne and Sound of Mull.

Craggy Island Triathlon is a fundraiser for the Oban Mountain Rescue Team.

The race will provide a warm (well, we can’t promise the water will be warm!) and welcome environment for newbies and triathlon beginners, as well as a tough off-road challenge for those who fancy their chances at the head of the field.

It’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted!

Oban MRT

Oban Mountain Rescue Team

Craggy Island Triathlon is proud to be associated with the Oban Mountain Rescue Team who provide search and rescue cover for an area covering the northwest of Argyll from Bridge of Orchy to Campbeltown and the islands including Mull and Jura, as well as first aid cover for our event.  The team consists of 37 active members all of who are unpaid volunteers dedicating their time to helping people in need.  Every member is an emergency first aider. If you feel you can help the team in any way, would like further information on the team, or would like to provide a donation please visit their website:

Craggy Island Tri Day 1 (550m Swim, 14km MTB, 8km Hill Run)


Craggy Island Tri Day 2 (550m Swim, 14km MTB, 8km Hill Run)

Craggy Kids race (approx. 150m Swim, 4.5km MTB, 1.9km Run

TriStars 2/3 & Youth for ages 11-16.

550m Open Water Swim (wetsuits compulsory) A to B Swim (i.e.Gallanach on the Mainland to the Isle of Kerrera. Deep water start.

14km (ish) Off-Road Mountain Bike.
This will be on a combination of landrover and quad tracks and paths, and is a bit hilly (ahem!). There’s nothing wildly extreme, however, this is proper mountain biking in places, not just riding round a lovely grassy field – if you feel the need to walk a bit, no problem, we’d prefer you stay in one piece!. One lap. You’ll see most of the island on your travels, and have what must surely be the most scenic triathlon bike course in the world. Amazing.

MTB Course Description

8km (ish) Off-Road Run
This is going to be interesting. It’s proper off road. In fact, it’s more like a hill-race than the ‘cross country’ you might remember from school. The route will take you across rough trackless boggy and wild hillsides, but you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible views of the island, the Forth of Lorne, and the Isle of Mull. Along the way you’ll visit the highest point on Kerrera – 189m above sea level, and the ruined Gylen Castle before returning to the finish at the ferry slip. You may wish to incorporate a few hills in your training regime……

Rules: Normal Triathlon Scotland rules will apply – see for further details.

We are really hot on no littering. We rely on the goodwill of our landowners, and we just cannot afford for them to be irritated, or the island spoilt by our litter. This specifically includes Gel/Bar wrappers, Banana skins etc. Simple rule: if you’re caught littering, it’s an instant DQ. You’ve been warned (sorry to be heavy, but…. you know!).

Here’s some possibilities for local bike hire. Please note: these aren’t recommendations – we’re just trying to help 🙂 (Fort William)

Bike Fix (Oban) 01631 566033

Off Beat Bikes (Fort William) – – these folks also sell swimming wetsuits.

Competitor Briefing 2018 This is logistically a very difficult race due to the split Start, Transition and Finish so please ensure you read these notes and pay particular attention to the race timings, remember to leave enough time to get the ferry over to the Island for registration in time to set up transition and return to the mainland.

Adults Races £43* Triathlon Scotland/England/Wales Members, £49* Not BTF Member.

Relay Team Supplement £20* (includes 2 additional T-Shirts, Ferry Fees etc.)

Kids Race £20*

* Plus Entry Central payment fee (4%)

Day 1 Solo & Relay
Day 2 Solo & relay

Event Detail

Date TBC


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