Foxlake Night Triathlon

September 25, 2020 5:00 pm

The Plan (such as it is)

Run for the first time (and not without a little trepidation and curiosity) in 2015 and again 2016 and 2018, we managed so far to get everyone home alive. This is pretty much our definition of a “successful event”, and therefore we’ll have another go…

Leave the stresses and strains of the working week behind you, and come and do something spectacularly stupid. It’s in the amazing Foxlake Adventures near Dunbar, but you’ll not see much – it’s dark.

A short course open-water off-road triathlon, all elements of which will be in the dark. We’ll sort you out with a glowstick to put in your swim cap, and we’ll floodlight the lake a bit. Lights for the bike and run sections are your problem. Our advice: bring some, you’ll need them.Ā On-site camping will also be possible after the race.


5pm – 6:45pm – Race Registration @ Foxlake

6:59pm – Sunset

7:15pm – Race Start

7:40pm – First Finisher

8:15pm – Last Finisher

08:15pm – Prize-Giving (socially distanced :))

08:17pm – BEERS & CAMPING šŸ™‚


Approx 200metres in the beautiful (not that you’ll be able to see it) private freshwater Foxlake Adventures Wakeboard park. Open Water, deep water start. Wetsuits probably compulsory – bring them just in case.

The lake is clean and spring-fed. It’s shallow for most of the course, so is great for newbies and less confident swimmers – it’s designed to be a safe environment for watersports.

Foxlake Swim Map

Approx 4km.

You’ll need a mountain bike, a decent hybrid with knobbly tyres, or maybe even a cyclocross bike. Don’t worry if what you’ve got isn’t ‘fancy’ – you’ll be fine. You will need lights of some kind. The course isn’t too technical and uses great tracks and trails in the surrounding woodlands. Helmets will be compulsory though, and you’ll need two working brakes.

MTB Course Description

Not far. Maybe 2km or so.

You’ll be back on the winding trails in the forest, and also some of the lumpy grassy stuff surrounding the lake, before you emerge at the Finish Line for Beer and Glory. You’ll need a torch of some kind.

Drink a Stewart Brewing beer in return for bonus time šŸ™‚

Event Detail

September 25, 2020 5:00 pm


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