The Heb

4th September - 5th September 2021

Welcome to The Heb – Race on the Edge, an achievable, exciting, engaging, truly adventurous and absorbing journey through the most spectacular, wild and remote landscape the UK has to offer – the Hebridean Island chain off the west coast of Scotland!.

You will find yourself running (a fair bit), and on a mountain bike or hybrid (quite a bit), kayaking (a tad), and navigating (a bit – if you seek optimal wriggles through the complex terrain).

The Heb will be easy to take part in, but still a tough challenge and certainly all the adventure, excitement and fun. Perfect for racers, achievable for newcomers, and everyone in between. Entries will be welcome from Solos and Pairs.

The Heb is brought to you by Durty Events, featured several times on the BBC2 Adventure Show and winner of British Triathlon ‘Event of the Year’ 2012, and course planner Gary Tompsett of various adventurous infamy!

Day 1 – 125km, Day 2 – 75km

The Heb – Race on the Edge is a multi-discipline, very achievable two-day Adventure Race for Solo competitors and Pairs (i.e. teams of 2, who will stay together throughout).

Competitors will not use support vehicles (leave ’em at the ferry!) – you will either move your equipment along the course yourself (i.e. you’ll be riding your bike!), or the race organisation will move equipment (e.g. bikes) between transition areas.

The course maps will be published in full before the race – no nasty surprises!.

We want everyone to have a great journey through the best of the Hebrides, finish at a reasonable time, and bite off as much as they can chew (and hopefully a little bit more!). Some checkpoints will be optional, but will carry a time adjustment to be added to your overall final time if you choose to miss them.

There will be sensible cut-offs and long course/short course options to make sure everyone stays in the race, and is finished at a sensible time for food, drinks, recovery, reliving tales of your day’s adventures, and on Sunday evening, the Heb Party!.

The Heb will be achievable – everyone will have fun, adventure and challenge in one of the most amazing places Europe has to offer.

Expect to be journeying for 2 long days, however, you will stop each night and there will be camping facilities, water etc. at each overnight.


Heb 2019 Participant Notes

2019 Heb Race Book

On quiet roads, beaches and straightforward trails. Bike choice is up to you, we think anything except a pure road bike will get round, and a hard-tail MTB with semi-slick tyres might be the optimum choice.

Off-Road Running
There will be three or four running sections of varying lengths. Most will have ‘short course’ and ‘long course’ options that are entirely for you to decide. You can choose what suits your strengths and abilities, and helps you finish at a sensible time each day.

Kayaking (inland lochs and less exposed sea lochs)
Again, this will be straightforward – no specialist skills required (though a bit of paddling experience won’t do you any harm). You will be using 2-person ‘Sit On Top’ boats – really easy to handle, and easy to get back on to should you fall in (you won’t!). The locations we’re using a spectacular, and very ‘Hebridean’, but will not be risky or dangerous.

Mostly very simple, though some optional checkpoints may require higher level navigation skills.

DRAFT – subject to change and will depend on final course design.

The full kit list will be developed over the time before race-day. Please see the Participant Notes for full details of requirements for the race.

Solo – £290
Pair – £580

*Discount available for Hebrides residents – contact us for info.

* Early Bird Pricing Available until 31/12/2019

Event Detail

4th September - 5th September 2021
The Hebrides


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